STAMOD Engineering’s Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) Solutions Enhances the Engineering Productivity

By Stamod on February 28, 2017 in

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STAMODEngineering is a product design and engineering solutions company. STAMOD Engineering proffers superior sustenance engineering and professional services to maintain, enhance, and support products throughout their lifecycle.The company has established Center of Excellences in line with their processes, applications and technology which enables them to provide domain centric offerings.


With 100+ man years of experience, the company not only excel inpractical but theoretical knowledge of designing as well. STAMOD Engineering is a portfolio company of ALCOR Fund. STAMOD is a leader in product engineering and design solutions, specializing in product engineering services, integrated prototype solutions, and R&D services.


Advancement in Engineering Services Through Knowledge-Based Engineering

Knowledge Based Engineering approach to the rapid design and analysis of an automotive structurehelps in responding dynamically to the changes within a rapid timeframe and in evaluating the effects of change with respect to the constraints imposed on it by other product cycle factors. The system operates by creating a unified model description that queries rules as to the suitability of the concept design and is built using a standard KBES to reduce project costs and system implementation. Knowledge from expert engineers and technical literature are captured and represented within the KBE application framework.


STAMOD Engineering Focuses on New Approach of a Global Knowledge-Based Engineering

STAMOD Engineering’s team of mechanical design engineers has rich experience in designing critical features for their clients with international design standards. STAMOD Engineering’s KBE Solutions can automate any simple or complex engineering tasks which are repetitive and logical in nature. KBE generates all the engineering documents (3D Models/2D Drawings/BoM/Costing/etc.) in 1/10th of the conventional cycle time and hence accelerates ‘Time to Market’. It reduces the engineering lead time forgeneration for new product variants and accelerates both proposal and production engineering. As a Knowledge Management Tool, it also removes all engineering redundancies and enables consistent design output through process standardization.



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