Injection Mold Tool

We have been working with suppliers for automotive, medical and consumer durables industry worldwide. Our R&D team has been inclined to work on providing innovative solutions, and we are taking the edge of the technologies of double injection, gas assist, high gloss molding etc. Our aim is to be the preferred mold maker for injection molds, chrome plated parts and other parts. Given by the fact of the clean parting line built in the mold and the high skill of our polishing ability.


Why We ?


1. Low cost : Building best designs at a highly competitive cost so our customers can save on designing and can focus on core strategies

2. High quality : Delivering Impeccable quality has been at core of company values. Most of our customers are from Europe and America. Focused on tolerance and high mold-life.

3. Professional : Our team are familiar with all kinds of high quality mold standards and good at molding white goods

4. Efficiency : Small groups management to smooth the communication and time-saving.

5. Non-language barrier : Both sales team and engineer team are good at English communication skills.

6. Responsibility : Key Account Managers have been assigned to all clients. Be responsible to customers.


Mold Type

Standard Injection Molds
Insert Molding
Prototype Molds
2-Shot Molds
Compression Molds
Reaction Injection Molds



Shop Floor

EDM - Double Head Machine

Wire Cut Machines


Radial Drilling

Electric Auto Tapping

Laser Printing

Cutter Grinder

Photographic Measuring

Tesa Height Gate

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