STAMOD Engineering is providing solutions in the use of progressive tooling to produce a wide range of parts and components. It is a sheet metal stamping process in which several procedures are performed in a progressive press. The process involves multiple stages in a fixed order to transform a metal strip into desired metal parts. The material is automatically fed from a spool into the press and continues from one stamping position to the next with each press stroke. Each station along the path carries out a specific operation simultaneously as the die descends until the part is complete. Different steps are integrated within a single die, which allows for multiple tooling solutions in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.


STAMOD Value Proposition


Our tool shop is top of the line for progressive dies that enables us to excel at progressive die stamping. We are able to do customization for progressive die designs as per customer specifications as we have the ability to manufacture in-house. We have successfully developed complex press tool profiles with more than 30 stages, and have the capability to design, develop and manufacture profiles higher complexity.
Progressive dies are primarily being used for high-volume manufacturing and are fashioned to operate at very high speeds. STAMOD produces high-quality, reliable and cost-effective progressive dies. We have the expertise and technological knowledge to fabricate, quality test and produce robust progressive tools that tackle a broad spectrum of production challenges. The key to our success is our superb craftsmanship. We routinely work with every industry which includes aerospace, defense, electrical and electronic industries, in addition to industrial engineering, automotive and ancillary units as well as consumer durable industries.
STAMOD recommends progressive tool stamping for tooling with insert construction to facilitate on-the-double component replacement imperative in high-wear manufacturing processes as well as for intricate designs that require coiling and varying material thicknesses in the final outcome.



One of the advantages of doing business with STAMOD is that it allows us to meet customer requirements quickly, whether for low or high volume parts. We always ensure impeccable quality in our products, to match client’s expectations exactly and on the time. The other reasons why we are an obvious choice for progressive tool and die design solutions are:




  • Speed – We provide the lowest cycle times per part for high volumes.
  • Minimum Scrap Material – As the majority of the metal is used up in the process of progressive stamping, encompassing punching, coining, bending and several other ways of modifying metal to produce the desired end part shape, very less scrap is produced. Progressive Die Metal Stamping provides the most cost effective material option for manufacturing parts.
  • Longer Runs – Longer runs between metal changes and tooling adjustments allow parts to be produced in a much shorter time.
  • Quicker Setup – Progressive stamping utilizes lesser time than the traditional machining setup. This will result in a more cost effective piece part.
  • Lower Cost per Part – All the above mentioned factors such as high speed, quick setup, longer runs, less scrap material, and so on, contribute to an overall reduced cost for you. Progressive die stamping enables the production of robust parts in a cost effective and speedy manner.
  • Long Lasting Designs – Our tool room uses the best technology to ensure that each component produced lasts a lifetime.




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