Robotics Precision Prototyping

What is prototyping :

Prototyping is the process of using visuals to illustrate what would take thousands of words’ worth of design and development specifications that detail how a device would behave and look.

Robotic Prototyping is the technique used to quickly fabricate a model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data.


Methods of robotic prototyping:

There are two methods in robotic prototyping:

(A) Horizontal Prototyping realizes the appearance but eliminates depth of the behaviour implementation. If the focus is on the appearance or interface part of robot, horizontal prototyping is needed and it results in a surface layer that includes the entire user interface to a full-featured robot but with no underlying functionality; if prototyping is to explore the details of certain features of the robot.

(B) Vertical Prototyping gives full implementation of certain selected behaviours. Vertical prototyping is necessary in order to be tested in depth under realistic circumstances with real user tasks.


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