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STAMOD, Your Global Solution for Offshore Mold Design, Simulation, and Manufacturing

Mold Designs

With our combined expertise of 15 years+ in design excellence, we assure precision mold designs.

Mold Simulation and Analysis

Predict mold flow, identify defect risks, shorten cycle times and ensure perfect precision mold quality through our analysis and simulation

Mold Manufacturing

Our state of the art facility manufacture high-quality injection molds, catering to diverse material and manufacturing requirements. We offer maintenance, repairs and modification services to optimize your manufacturing workflow.

Our Injection Molding Capabilities

1K Injection Mold Design

2K Injection Mold Design

Over Mold Design

Insert Mold Design

Unscrew Mold Design

Collapsible Core Mold

3 Plate Mold Design

Precision Mold Design

Reverse Ejection Mold Design

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High Level of Quality

STAMOD’s extensive experience and domain expertise in complex outsourcing projects drive increased productivity and quality, positively impacting your company’s bottom-line.

On Time Delivery

Experience faster project turnaround times with engineering service providers who possess a skilled and trained team, enabling them to implement effective strategies and meet or exceed your deadlines reliably.

Working with U.S. Team

As a US-based firm operating across 35 countries, we provide a seamless offshore experience within a dynamic hybrid environment. Let’s shape success together, transcending geographical boundaries.

Competitive Pricing

Through efficient design, advanced manufacturing, stringent quality assurance, client-centric approach, rigorous analysis and optimization, we’ve fine-tuned our operations to reduce costs without compromising on quality or performance.

How Stamod Technologies Helps You?

At Stamod, Technolgies, we conduct rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure that the mold design is structurally sound and capable of producing high-quality parts consistently.

Why should you choose Stamod?

Highly Qualified Team with 20+ Years of Experience.

Quick Turnaround Time

Maximum Quality and Precision Work

FREE Feasibility Report

Unlock your projects potential
Get 10 hours of FREE feasibility analysis.

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Why Choose Us?

High-Quality Service

Uncompromising excellence delivered through three flexible business models.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Global infrastructure enables fast delivery without compromising quality.

Highly Qualified Team

Skilled engineers with extensive practical and theoretical expertise.

Global Infrastructure

Collaborative partnerships across countries for a global reach.

Dedicated Contact

Seamless communication with a dedicated project manager.

Scalable Service Package

Flexible services that adapt to your project's needs.

Access to Innovative Technology

Industry-leading software tools for cutting-edge solutions.

24/7 Customer Support Guaranteed

Round-the-clock assistance for a smooth project journey.

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Stamod Solutions Inc., 444 W. Lake St, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60606, United States

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Stamod Solutions Inc., 444 W. Lake St, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60606, United States

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