Market Research

Research & Analysis Services:

Market research will help you effectively understand your business’s environment, aiding in branding and product positioning. STAMOD begins with a step-by-step process when providing outsourced market research to our clients. Demand for the specific product and service your company offers is one of the first types of market research we conduct. Next, RDI’s market research team evaluates customer profiles and finds the best ways to appeal to potential customers with a marketing campaign after assessing the demand for your products and services.

Our Range of Expertise

With our efficient market research, we help companies get a firm grip on their endeavors, whether businesses launch a brand new product or set foot in a new country zone. Our team of market research specialists and account-based marketing strategies focuses on our global clients’ growth. Among the essential services we provide are:


Our research analysts can provide intelligent, resourceful, and engaging surveys to guarantee better results. In addition, we leverage clever strategies and formats to help you get more conversions and higher quality surveys with our questionnaire designs.


STAMOD’s team possesses the necessary skills and expertise to provide clients with syndicated market research services. We offer our clients data analysis, data collection, report writing, research report design, consultation, personnel support, and other services.


We offer our clients advanced computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) web surveys. In addition, several features of our services are available to clients, including quota management, predictive and distributed dialing, call and screen recording, and real-time monitoring.


We have a skilled team of research analysts who can quickly meet all of your CATI web surveys needs. We have been satisfying clients’ needs worldwide and assisting them in gaining a competitive advantage in the industry through our industry analysis services.


STAMOD’s team has the necessary skills and tools to provide clients with high-quality call center surveys. We can conduct customer/employee satisfaction surveys, B2B surveys, tracking surveys, product penetration surveys, marketing surveys, and other surveys for our clients.


We can assist you with everything from primary data collection to questionnaire design, data collection, analysis, desk research, market segmentation, market profiling, and more.


You will obtain a comprehensive overview of the market potentials and risks by utilizing our market feasibility analysis services. We can provide you with financial feasibility, executive summaries, market feasibility, technical feasibility, demand analyses, and other services.


we have the knowledge and skills to allow you to determine the various hidden opportunities; our market research surveys can help you build your customer base. We can assist you with survey design, questionnaire design, survey hosting, survey programming, data analysis, statistical services, and other related services.


Our research analysts are trained and competent individuals who can cater to any client’s needs. We provide high-quality and accurate newsletter services to our clients. In addition, we can conduct research for informative and educational financial newsletters, journals, and other publications.


We are a pioneer in providing high-quality data analysis services and have been serving clients for over a decade. We offer our customer’s data quality audits, data cleansing, extreme observations analysis, homogeneity analysis, missing observations analysis, and other services.


We will conduct brand research to understand customer perceptions of brand offerings better. Our brand research services will help you stay ahead of the competition and give visibility to your products in a crowded marketplace.


We always conduct in-depth market research before launching your products to assess the growth prospects of pitching your products or services. In addition, we show sizing analysis under industry standards to ensure success.


We have the necessary experience and competencies to provide accurate SWOT analysis services to our clients. In addition, our team can assist you in identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses and threats and opportunities.


We assist businesses in segmenting their current or prospective customer bases into smaller groups with distinct needs, behavior, and demographics. As a result, firms can successfully focus their marketing efforts using our market segmentation analysis services.


The most intimidating aspect of any research study is quantitative data analysis. However, the entire foundation of the research is based on accurate results. STAMOD can help you arrive at critical conclusions with accuracy and precision if you outsource quantitative data analysis services to us.


Qualitative research assists businesses in precisely identifying opinions, motivations and planning their schedule. If you need precision and accuracy, outsourcing qualitative research services to us can help you meet your business needs at a low cost.


Outsourcing survey programming services to STAMOD ensures the best results for clients by carefully designing and monitoring surveys. Our surveys are comprehensive, and our quality assurance process ensures that valuable additions and subtractions are made from time to time to ensure that the study best meets your needs.


Hiring us for in-depth customer response data analysis and creating standardized or customized codes to understand the value of such responses will help you unlock the actual value of your target customer responses. Get fast, accurate, and efficient verbatim coding services for your customer response data collection needs at a low cost.


We are a leading provider of PESTEL analysis services and can assist you in realizing your business potential and exploring new opportunities. We help you gain greater visibility into your operations so that you can make the best decisions possible.


STAMOD’s team has the necessary skills and expertise to assist clients with their cross-tabulation analysis requirements. We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide our clients with first-rate services.


Our sales and research analysts provide clients with resourceful, innovative, and engaging market sales analysis services. You can rely on providing insights on product and sales behavior to drive better results. In addition, we employ intelligent strategies that allow you to identify areas for improvement, reduce costs, and increase profits.


STAMOD improves your chances of commercial success by collecting well-researched data on all market components, such as customers, competitors, risks, and the most recent industry reports. As a result, it assists businesses in cruising ahead with successful product development.


When conducting Amazon Product Research, the most crucial aspect of success, especially for a new seller, is selecting the right product. You don’t want to stay with unsold merchandise! As a result, you must determine the most effective product selling strategies to maximize your profit.


We provide our clients with high-quality exploratory data analysis services with skills and expertise. We use the best and most up-to-date data analysis tools and technologies to offer our clients first-rate services.


We have industry experts to offer high-quality statistical analysis services to our clients. In addition, we use cutting-edge tools and technologies to offer our clients first-rate services.


Knowing the audience’s expectations, likes, and dislikes aids in determining which products and services will be accepted and which will fail in the long run after the product launch. Our market research experts assist businesses in conducting a complete census study of demographics and making critical decisions.

Industries We Serve

With an experienced team of research experts, STAMOD has years of experience in providing a wide range of market research services. We have the necessary tools to provide high-quality research solutions to our global clients in a variety of industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Engineering & Machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharma and Medical
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • IT & Telecom
  • Others

The STAMOD Advantage

  • We assist you in comprehending and implementing business influencing factors such as purchase, popularity, consumer behavior, and preferences.
  • STAMOD researchers will work with you to identify the target audience and market segments where the product/service will be received and sold.
  • We offer appropriate market research to help you understand existing and emerging markets and how they influence consumer behavior.
  • Pricing is an essential consideration before outsourcing market research services. With our pricing model, you can keep your costs under control.

Why Choose STAMOD to Outsource Business Research

High-Quality Service

At STAMOD, we strive to provide 100% error-free and high-quality service in three different models. We work on the production and design to ensure your market research projects reach completion without bottlenecks or time lags. Our outsourcing services outfit your project with embedded staff onsite at the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) locations.

Fast Turnaround Times

We have a global infrastructure of companies and delivery centers to ensure that we provide the fastest turnaround time without compromising the quality of our market research solutions.

Highly Qualified Team

Our team comprises industry experts with 100+ person-hours of experience, with proficiency in practical production and theoretical design knowledge.

Global Infrastructure

STAMOD works with invested companies and partners across India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Dedicated Point of Contact

When you trust STAMOD to outsource your market research projects to us, we immediately assign a dedicated project manager as the SPOC for clear communication and seamless management of the collaboration from the very first day until the project completion.

Scalable Service Packages

At STAMOD, we pride ourselves on providing flexibility of service. As a result, we can scale our team and infrastructure to adapt to the demand of your project related to the market research outsourcing project.

Innovative Technology Access

The standard of our infrastructure backs the quality of our service. In addition, we have access to state-of-the-art technology and tools to help innovate your market research projects and services.

Guaranteed Customer Support 24/7

Our team handles every minute detail to ensure the smoothest run for your project. We have dedicated members focused at all times on project management, marketing, sales, and customer support for immediate resolution of any kinks and bottlenecks in the project line-up.

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