Data Analysts

When on the lookout for data analysts, why settle for anything short of the best? We at STAMOD, with our highly skilled data analysts, can get your job done adeptly. Our team at STAMOD gathers and interprets even the most challenging data. Learn more about the services of our data analysts below.

Our Areas of Expertise

The talented team of data analysts at STAMOD has many areas of expertise. In addition to our broad spectrum of knowledge, the types of information provided by our data analysts include- descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive data. The procedure to procure the report involves carefully analyzing the business data using grouping and aggregation. The study of business data, sensor data, or even big data is done using data science.

  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and eCommerce
  • Analysis of Marketing Potential and Quality Assessment of Brands and Products
  • Supply Chain Logistics Planning
  • Manufacturing Assets
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Strategy Development

The STAMOD Advantage

  • Diversity of technical expertise and domain collaboration
    With a collaborative approach of obtaining information from various reliable data sources, our team of data analysts at STAMOD achieves data completeness and an accurate interpretation strategy building collaboration.
  • Competitive productivity
    STAMOD respects the massive amount of customer data collected by the client company. Punctuality is highly regarded by our data analysis team. Our experts analyze big data to identify customers’ needs, helping to build a competitive production strategy to offer your customers products that are most relevant to their demands.
  • Highly secure system
    At STAMOD, our analysts are trained to work with round-the-clock, advanced security monitoring systems – alleviating concerns about any breach in data security. Results are created in the form of pre-built reports and dashboards, interactive reports, and configurable dashboards with the option to drill down, pivot, or even filter through data.

Why Choose STAMOD Data Analysts For Your Staff Augmentation Strategy

High-Quality Service

STAMOD strives to provide 100% error-free and high-quality service in three different models. Our team of data analysts works on the design and analysis to ensure your projects reach completion without bottlenecks or time lags. Our outsourcing services outfit your project with embedded staff on-site at the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) locations.

Fast Turnaround Times

We have a global infrastructure of companies and delivery centers to ensure the fastest turnaround time without compromising service and performance quality.

Highly Qualified Team

Our team comprises industry experts with 100+ hours of experience, proficiency in practical production, and theoretical design knowledge.

Global Infrastructure

STAMOD works with invested companies and partners across India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Dedicated Point of Contact

When STAMOD data analysts are included in your staff augmentation strategy, a dedicated project manager is immediately assigned as the SPOC for clear communication and seamless management of the collaboration from the very first day until the project completion.

Scalable Service Packages

At STAMOD, we pride ourselves on providing flexibility of service. As a result, we can scale our team and infrastructure to adapt to the needs of your data analysis staff augmentation project.

Innovative Technology Access

Our high infrastructure standards back the quality of our service State-of-the-art technology and tools innovate your data analysis projects and staff augmentation.

Guaranteed Customer Support 24/7

Our team handles every small detail to ensure the smoothest run for your project. We have dedicated members focused at all times on project management, marketing, sales, and customer support for immediate resolution of any kinks and bottlenecks in the project line-up.

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Make outsourcing a reality as quick as 24 hours!



Make outsourcing a reality as quick as 24 hours!

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