About Us

Headquartered in Chicago, STAMOD Engineering is a global engineering design solutions company. The companyoperates in US, Europe, and South Asia with more than three locations in the US, Detroit, Chicago, and Austin. Gaining a world-class reputation for their quick engineering design turnaround, they transform customers by re-architecting their entire engineering design infrastructure and to lead in the $750 Billion engineering service industry.

Using their brilliant parallel processing techniques along with multiple offshore centers, they help global organizations address their engineering needs and challenges through a wide range of engineering design solutions and services that include Tool Design, Product design, Engineering analysis, Manufacturing engineering solutions, and Engineering change management.

STAMOD is a portfolio company of ALCOR Fund and managed by a group of Harvard graduates, who plan to set up more offshore offices to support global customers in South Asia. STAMOD supports innovation hubs, OEM's, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in North America, Europe and South Asia to realize their full Engineering Design and Product Development potential, CAD conversion services, Engineering Design and Validation, Manufacturing Engineering, Automotive Design, Medical Products Design, Robotics Design and development, Industrial equipment design and development, Medical Equipment and Design, Engine development and design, Engineering Simulation and Product Design Testing and computer aided simulation models.

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