Industries Covered

Stamod offers the skills necessary to collaborate with almost any manufacturing company.

We Serve the Following Industries

We are a well-known international outsourcing firm that gives companies all over the world the greatest services. We offer specialized software development services to match the requirements of numerous industries, utilizing our in-depth technological knowledge, exacting procedures, and extensive experience to help clients bring their business ideas to life.

The Expertise We Offer

Businesses can reduce maintenance costs by utilising our intelligent engineering and maintenance capabilities. Our customers also gain from our useful tools, technology, and procedures since they enable them to concentrate on new initiatives while maintaining a strong consumer base. The following industries are covered by STAMOD:

Consumer Products

One of our primary expertise areas is software development. Our software and business-specific consumer packaged goods (CPG) solutions are backed by a wealth of knowledge.

Industrial Products

Our team of skilled industrial design engineering specialists uses a practical and strict process to produce industrial products that are efficient.

Medical Products

We believe in offering our clients the highest calibre services as swiftly as feasible as one of the top medical products BPO service providers.

Heavy Duty Commercial Truck

To help businesses maximize asset  utilization, revenue, & compliance, STAMOD offers heavy-duty commercial truck maintenance outsourcing.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles & Batteries

If you require a hybrid vehicle battery, an electric vehicle battery repair, or any other routine services for your car, truck, or SUV, STAMOD will offer the greatest care and maintenance.

Oil & Gas Drilling

In order to help oil and gas firms and service providers increase efficiency, STAMOD, a leading global engineering service provider, offers a range of outsourced services.

Motorcycles & Recreational Vehicles

We are in a unique position to meet the needs of the motorbike and recreational vehicle industries because to STAMOD's extensive knowledge in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Solar & Green Energy Technologies

We develop highly effective solar & green energy & facilities management plans for a broad range of customers in diverse industries. In every situation, our efforts lead to considerable cost reductions and improved service performance for our clients.

HVAC & Compressors

To fulfill the needs of our international clients & to assist construction companies, architects, engineers, & appliance designers & manufacturers, STAMOD offers first-rate HVAC compressor design & drawing services.

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